Despite being published by Square Enix, the makers of Final FantasyOutriders is truly is in a category of its own. The co-op RPG has already been successful as a demo for months now, so when the game debuted on April 1st, 2021, fans of the genre knew what to expect.

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The game is complex, rewarding those who go in with clear heads and game plans and punishing those who do not. Nothing is worse than realizing a critical piece of gear was sold like scrap earlier in the game or that the mission objective is on the opposite end of the Enoch. Those serious about succeeding in Outriders should continue to check these links. The latest information about the game and tips and tricks from the pros will help players beat out even the worst Anomaly Storm.


Updated on May 3rd, 2021: After being out for over one month, Outriders finds itself in a precarious place. Players are loving the gameplay as much as any other looter out there, but there is a significant concern regarding the servers and the patches, which are improving some aspects of the game at the cost of adding more glitches and nerfing favorite builds. This article has been updated to reflect the current state of the game and now has the latest information regarding patches, builds, and exploits.

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Gameplay Tips

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Getting thrust into the unforgiving world of Enoch is hard on the character but it's even harder on the player. There isn't exactly a ton of neon lights to guide the way or modern amenities to provide luxurious rest stops along the way. Take some advice from the community; it's best to cut down on unwelcome and unexpected surprises ahead of time. If there's a question about the game's fundamentals, then the answer is right here.

Tips Before Getting Started

In-Game Systems

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Class Guides

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Looking for an overpowered character build? Look no further. These builds aren't just optimized, they're ready for World Tier 15 solo or grouping. After the nerf to the "Rounds" builds, that might sound too good to be true, but it isn't. Even the Devastator guides are up to tackling the game's toughest content. These guides will remain updated based on the latest patch notes and prove that players have a solid number of ways to conquer the game's toughest challenges.

Pyromancer Class Guides

Trickster Class Guides

Devastator Class Guides

Technomancer Class Guides

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Advanced Tactics And Analysis

Outriders Hidden HUD Glitch In Training

Any amateur gamer can follow a class guide and click the right nodes, but to be regarded as one of the best, players will have to hone their skills, farm equipment, and change strategies to cover any group needs. Underfarmed players will find themselves kicked from their parties. Not all legendary guns are created equally and different builds will have different stat priorities. And who doesn't need a little help on finding and beating some of the game's most elusive and difficult encounters?

How To Get Legendary Weapons And Armor

Outriders Four Legendary Loot Drops

Nobody can guarantee a drop on any specific piece of legendary loot, but to maximize the odds, be sure to follow these tips:

List of Outriders Legendary Weapons

Mission Guides




FAQs and Hints


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News & Opinions

Outriders Opening Scene Before The Pod Is Launched To Enoch

Being a good player in Outriders is important, but it's an entirely different thing to be called a fan. True fans don't stop at reading the patch notes, they get into the minds of the developers and journalists who surround the game, pick up on a feel for its direction, and connect with the community. Those looking for all of the noteworthy stories, hottest takes, and meme lists will find them here.




Destiny, Mass Effect, And Other Competitors

Tech Problems And Solutions

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After an opening week of server issues and technical problems, it appeared the worst of the issues had been addressed with a massive server reset. Yet recent patches badly nerfed three of the four classes and the inventory wipe bug went from being a rare issue to a common problem after a patch that was supposed to fix this glitch went live. Some patches are even doing more harm than good. Still, there is work being done and the community is vigilantly finding errors while the developers appear committed to fixing these issues.

Patch Information

Inventory Wipe Dilemma

Server Problems

Known Issues


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