Twitch streamer Pokimane has long been one of the most popular personalities on the game-streaming platform. She has often been involved in high-profile streaming events, like the popular OfflineTV Rust server and the Among Us streams with US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Due to her popularity, Pokimane has a lot of fans that flood her with questions on a regular basis, and it seems many have been asking the streamer about her relationship status as of late.


In a tweet on March 9, Pokimane simply tweeted out, "single btw." She then clarified that she is not looking for a partner, but was "just tired" of people asking the same question and making assumptions about her relationship status. Pokimane's tweet about being single inspired some other streamers to do the same, including Lilypichu. In any case, now that Pokimane has cleared the air in regards to her relationship status, hopefully it means she won't have to deal with the question being asked so often on her Twitch streams and elsewhere.

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Pokimane's fans have sometimes been a little aggressive when it comes to the Twitch streamer and her relationship status. Last year, one Pokimane fan sent a boyfriend resume to the streamer as a Christmas present. Pokimane read the resume live on stream, ultimately rejecting it due to the fan's poor Fall Guys win record.

The Pokimane boyfriend resume was likely just a joke, but other fans have gone a little too far. There once was a point when fans were harassing Pokimane for her bath water, hoping she would follow in the footsteps of Belle Delphine. It got to the point where Pokimane had to publicly ask people to stop asking for her bath water. Pokimane has reportedly receiving a number of concerning messages from people in the past, prompting Twitch to assign security to her at TwitchCon events.

Pokimane has also been targeted by people who don't necessarily consider themselves fans of her content. Last year, controversial YouTuber Leafy was banned from YouTube after publishing a series of Pokimane-related videos. While Pokimane did not have anything to do with Leafy's ban, it did not stop some people from blaming her for it.

Pokimane has gone on hiatuses in the past, at least partly due to this kind of behavior she has to endure, which is unfortunate. Hopefully 2021 goes better for the popular Twitch streamer and is devoid of any of the controversies that popped up for her last year.

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